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Ross Keddie

Marketing Assistant

Merry | Marketing | Mischief

Mini Bio

Having started out in Glasgow on a Business Degree, I was lucky enough to take an adventure to America which was truly transformational. Fortunately, that transformation meant that by the time I got home I could think of nothing worse to do than a business degree!

I instead relocated to Fort William, studied Adventure Tourism Management and started doing things I actually wanted to do. Many mountains, events, books and (mis)adventures around the world later, I stumbled into the Wilderness Group and instantly fell in love with the place.

Place to Play

Lochaber has so many spots to get lost in, but you can usually find your way back to Ben Nevis – and you should! There are so many ways up (and down). The Ben in all seasons, and the view seems to change just slightly every time I’m up there.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying exploring the Lake District in the summer. It’s got so many hidden spots and truly gorgeous scenery that it’s difficult not to fall in love!

Not a lot of people know this

I once ate chocolate pudding above the snowline in California to make Kerouac jealous, and I don’t even like chocolate pudding all that much!

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