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Sheilagh Larkin

Marketing & PR Assistant

Tea | Sea | Glee

Mini Bio

Growing up in a beautiful corner of Ireland meant my younger years were spent along stunning beaches, karst landscapes, and craggy hills. This deepened my appreciation of the outdoors and being in nature in any capacity. I love travelling to different places and immersing myself in the local culture. Working and living in different parts of Europe such as Paris, France; Leuven, Belgium; and the Aosta Valley, Italy opened my eyes to various experiences, cultures, and people. But as all the traditional Irish music depicts, there’s no place quite like home! When I can’t get away to visit other countries, I like to explore Ireland’s gorgeous coastlines and winding forest walkways.

Place to Play

Anywhere with a scenic coastline along the Atlantic Ocean is where I’ll be!

Not a lot of people know this

I was voted School President when I attended Secondary School, the beginning and end of my political career.

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