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Wilderness Reserve

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We remain true to our values and we're reopening in a considered way, that respects each of you as individual travellers, while in equal measure respecting the communities that we visit.

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*Style: Wilderness Retreat
*Price Point: £££££
*Location: Suffolk | England

*Capacity: 170
*Rooms: 85
*Bathrooms: Ensuite

Let’s work together to create an enriching trip of a lifetime for your clients.

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The Wilderness Reserve is the perfect place to relax and recharge. Set amongst the rolling hills, green pastures and small villages of Suffolk in southern England, the Wilderness Reserve is an enormous 8,000-acre estate ideal for getting away from the busy world.

Instead of one building, the Wilderness Reserve sports numerous properties with their own individual character and style. Each property is different in size, design and configuration, meaning that each visitor can find the property that suits their tastes best. With quality decor and a homey, modern cottage feel, the Wilderness Reserve is a great place to spend time in the outdoors, meandering through southeast England, recharging the batteries or even enjoying day trips to iconic English sites like the revered university city of Cambridge. So whether you’re looking for a snug traditional cottage, a quaint thatched hideaway, an elegant and historic Georgian building, or a grand 19th-century estate house, the Wilderness Reserve has much to choose from.

Accommodation Highlights

  • Choose from numerous private properties each with individual styles & ranges in capacity
  • The perfect rural location for relaxation and recharging
  • Engage in a plethora of outdoor experiences as well as spa and wellness options

Unique Experiences

Archery & Axe Throwing

Combine two exciting precision sports in one – or do them individually, if you prefer. Using re-curve bows and coached by an expert guide, you’ll hone you archery and axe throwing skills in no time.

Spa & Wellness

Included among its extensive properties, the Wilderness Reserve also has numerous spa houses complete with their own treatment rooms as well as other wellness facilities such as pools, saunas, gyms, secluded spaces and access to private instructors. If that’s not for you, there are a plethora of additional massage and spa options to choose from. Whether you prefer a Swedish massage or reflexology, a deep tissue or hot stone massages, there are plenty of spa and wellness options to make your visit the ultimate relaxation experience you crave.

Wild Swimming

Wild swim in style at the Wilderness Reserve, where you’ll be lead on a guided wild swimming experience suited to your own level. Whether you just want a quick dip or something more challenging, warm up afterwards around a fire pit with an après whisky while your guide cooks a delicious warming meal over the fire to complete your wild swimming adventure.

Woodland Fire Feast

With miles of secluded woodland, enjoy a unique foodie experience at Wilderness Reserve. Food is an important part of your time on the estate. Dine under the stars among a canopy of ancient woodland. Follow the smell of roasting meat, fish and vegetables through the woods. Tucked amongst the trees, discover a table trimmed with white linen and laden with a delicious feast.

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When reaching out to inquire about our custom adventures, please keep in mind that your request encompasses the entirety of the experience, not solely a particular accommodation. Our offerings extend beyond these featured properties, ensuring a tailored journey crafted with purpose.

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