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Episode 1 - Foodie Culture in South-West Ireland

In the first instalment of the Insider’s Ireland video series, we journey to Ireland’s South West corner to discover some of the rich foodie experiences on offer here. We meet with Michael Rosney, owner of the  Killeen House Hotel which houses the award-winning restaurant Rozzers. We also hear from cheese producer and seller, Maya Binder and restaurateur Tim Mason from Out of the Blue seafood restaurant. These local food experts have made the South West of Ireland their home and base and will guide you through why this region is so great for gastronomic experiences.


Episode 2 - Legacy and Tradition on Ireland's Aran Islands

In episode 2 of our Insider’s Ireland video series, we meet Gabriel Faherty, an award-winning cheesemaker. Based on the Aran Islands in Galway, Gabriel started producing goats cheeses using the best that the unique landscape of Inish Mór has to offer. The herb grasses that grow on the rough terrain add to the rich flavour of the cheeses produced by Gabriel, and as the business has developed Gabriel has turned to other sources for flavouring like locally foraged seaweed. As a business, Aran Island Goat’s Cheese produces regular soft goats cheese, a feta-style cheese, as well as gouda and parmesan style cheeses. Visitors are taken through the cheese-making process, and there is even an opportunity to meet and greet with the goats as well as forage for the seaweeds used to flavour some of the products.


Episode 3 - The Wilderness Guide

In this episode, get acquainted with senior Wilderness Ireland Guide Duncan Warner. Learn more about Duncan’s passion for guiding, and the ins and outs of making a trip to Ireland special for your clients. Duncan also takes us to meet some of our trusted local suppliers Carol and David. Carol works at Ballynahinch Castle located in the heart of Connemara, one of the unique, historic and luxurious properties to which we take clients, and David is an oyster farmer in Connemara who tells us more about what gives his oysters their rich natural flavour.

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My friends said "How Much?!" for a week in Scotland. I came home thinking what an absolute bargain the trip was. I'm already thinking about booking my next trip to the Hebrides or maybe a bigger challenge, the coast to coast or sea kayaking. Whichever I will be back to Scotland soon.

Grenville Barrett
Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
Reviewed on 12/06/2013

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