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Insider's Scotland

Episode 1 - Foodie Culture on Skye

For the first episode in our new Insider video series we travelled to the beautiful Isle of Skye. One of Scotland’s most popular tourism spots in the summer months, the Isle of Skye is also home to a rich culture of incredible local produce and exquisite foodie experiences. We met local characters such as michelin-starred chefs, foraging experts, local fishermen and deerhunters who all share a passion for their island and the quality of food they can give to visitors.

Episode 2 - Voices of Edinburgh

Episode 2 in our Insider’s video series involved a different take on Scotland’s mesmerising capital city of Edinburgh. It feels like a lot of Edinburgh’s visitors experience a side of the city that sits at the very front of collective consciousness, such as the fairytale castle, winding cobbled streets and alleys and a smorgasbord of tartan-fied hospitality. So in this video we wanted to connect to a side of Edinburgh that not everyone stumbles across. We meet a local tour guide whose passion for Edinburgh’s bloody and rich history brings its buildings and sights to life. Next up is a kiltmaker whose passion for bringing Scotland’s national dress into the 21st century has reached customers all over the world. We also meet the concierge at Edinburgh’s most prestigious and iconic hotel, the Balmoral, which sits at the very heart of this amazing city.

Episode 3 - The Wilderness Guide

Our guiding team live and breathe Scotland! Many might think that leading a group to Scotland’s most beautiful places would be the most simple job in the world. In the third episode of our Insider’s video series we spend some time with one of Wilderness Scotland’s senior guiding team.  Learn from Tim Willis how he approaches guiding across the Highlands and Islands.

Episode 4 - Wood Carver "Wooden Tom"

In this episode, escape to the Cairngorms where we meet Wooden Tom, an Aviemore-based wood carver. Learn more about Tom’s ways of living off the land and the secrets of woodworking as Tom welcomes you to his natural amphitheatre. Get a taste for the unique and ultimate ‘get away from it all’ experiences available to your clients under Tom’s tutelage.

Episode 5 - Travel Writer & Cook Ghillie Basan

Ghillie Basan is an award-winning cook and author living in a very wild spot in the Cairngorms National Park, Scottish Highlands.  Growing up in Africa and travelling widely in younger years has given Ghillie’s cooking a taste of the exotic, combined with the best in local Scottish ingredients. Ghillie has written over 40 books and now cooks at events and workshops hosted in her own wilderness retreat here in the Cairngorms.

Episode 6 - Marine Adventures in Scotland

Here we meet Shane Wasik, a marine biologist, adventurer, and expert in Scottish marine wildlife experiences. Scotland, including its islands, has a coast which is over 10,000 kilometres long and home to some of the most rugged and beautiful scenery in the world. The wild coastline is dotted with pristine white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. Along our varied shores, you will find an abundance of fascinating marine wildlife, both in the water and out. Learn more about the private adventures your clients can experience with Wilderness Scotland, from diving with elusive basking sharks to swimming with seals.

Episode 7 - A Hebridean Odyssey

In the 7th episode of our Insider Scotland series ‘a Hebridean Odyssey’, you’re joining us on a unique adventure out to the islands on Scotland’s west coast. This short film gives just a taste of the incredible experiences your clients could add onto a longer Scotland itinerary. Scotland’s west coast is known for its epic marine and seabird life. Your clients will stand a high chance to see dolphins up close, spot puffins, and meet the local seals aboard a private RIB (zodiac). Through this, they’ll be able to fully immerse in the wild scenery. A day out on the boat will be rewarded in style. Imagining dining on freshly caught fish and tasting the local brews, before bunking down in an exclusive island campsite located on the Isle of Jura. If that’s not enough they can finish or start their journey with a sumptuous stay at Glenapp Castle, and enjoy the comforts of the plush period interiors, dedicated staff, and fine dining.

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I would highly recommend Wilderness Scotland. Sure the weather did not help but it did challenge us and the guides. Our varied mix of companions was wonderful and we had such a laugh.

Ailsa Smith
Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
Reviewed on 28/04/2013

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