Self-Guided - Hadrian's Wall Path

Cody, Eve & Elliot

Saturday 29th June – Saturday 6th July 2024

Number of Travellers: 3
Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights


In AD 122 the Roman Emperor Hadrian commanded his army to build a great wall to mark the edge of the civilised world. Spanning 80 miles from coast to coast the wall was built to separate the Romans of Britannia in the south from the barbarians of Caledonia to the north. The Wall remained the northwest frontier of the Roman empire for almost 300 years and was home to regiments of infantry and cavalry. Today it is a World Heritage Site and is the most famous of all the Roman Empire frontiers.

On this classic self-guided long-distance trail, immerse yourself in the varied scenery of Northern England. Journey across the country on foot through the rich, rolling landscape visiting forts and milecastles, soaking up the fascinating history of this ancient monument. Hiking from inn to inn you’ll stay in charming villages and on working farms enjoying a warm welcome and wonderful local food. Your luggage will be transferred to your next accommodation each day and we’ll provide route notes and maps so you can relax and enjoy your adventure following in the footsteps of Legions.


  • Walk from coast to coast on the first National Trail to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Enjoy the changing scenery on this beautiful point-to-point long-distance trail.
  • Soak in ancient Roman history as you explore fascinating and well-preserved sites.
  • Easy navigation with a well signposted trail and full route notes and maps provided.

Day by Day

Day 1 - Saturday 29th June - Arrive in Newcastle & Hadrian’s Wall

Make your own way to the bustling city of Newcastle. A great option for today is to visit Hadrian’s Wall Gallery in the Great North Museum. Artefacts from every major site on Hadrian’s Wall are on display, giving a fascinating insight into building, daily life and subsequent history of the Wall as well as the Roman Empire. It’s an excellent way to build excitement for your trip. Relax in your accommodation this evening before the start of your journey tomorrow.

Overnight: Newcastle | Hotel Indigo
Room Type: 1x double en-suite, 1x double en-suite (single occupancy)
Meals Included: None

Day 1 - Directions Read More +

Arrive in Newcastle, Hotel Indigo is a 3-minute walk from Newcastle Central Station to Fenkle Street. In the morning, walk back to Newcastle Central Station and take the yellow line metro to Segendum Roman Fort and Museum. The start of Hadrian’s Wall Path is right beside Segedunum Fort and runs along the River Tyne.

Day 1 - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Wallsend Read More +

Finishing at the appropriately named Wallsend, which derives its name from the location at the end of Hadrian’sWall. Wallsend shares a history with Vikings, as well as the Romans and Latin signs, are scattered throughout the town. A short distance away is the bustling city of Newcastle, known for its impressive architecture including many spectacular bridges over the River Tyne, rich history dating back almost 2,000 years, and a mix of cultures. Spoiled for choice with excellent restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes, as well as attractions such as Newcastle Castle, Great North Museum and Hadrian’s Wall Gallery. Newcastle has something for everyone.

Day 2 - Sunday 30th June - Wallsend to Heddon-on-the-Wall

Starting at the appropriately-named Wallsend which shares a history with Vikings as well as the Romans, you’ll hike along the banks of the River Tyne and through the heart of Newcastle. This is the busiest part of the route and not much of the Wall survives here due to the turbulent history and subsequent industrialisation of the area. However, this section allows you to hike what would have been the full length of the Wall as you journey through time, from present-day to the 2nd century. Near the end of your hike, you are rewarded with the first intact 100m of the famous wall which you’ll follow through the quiet village of Heddon-on-the-Wall where you will spend the night.

Overnight: Newburn (near Heddon-on-the-Wall) | Keelman's Lodge
Room Type: 1x double en-suite, 1x double en-suite (single occupancy)
Meals Included: Breakfast
Walk Details: 25 km / 16 miles | 58 m / 190 ft elevation gain

Day 2 - Directions Read More +

Accommodation in Heddon-on-the-Wall is limited so we have booked you into Keelman’s Lodge in Newburn, which is 3 miles before Heddon. This means you will have 3 miles less to walk today, but 3 miles more tomorrow. If you’d prefer to skip these first 3 miles and begin walking from Heddon-on-the-Wall tomorrow instead, please refer to the guidebook provided for local taxi numbers to arrange a transfer.

Passing Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, with the River Tyne on your left, follow Cycle Route 72 until you hit the fork. From here, stay right and continue to walk down the path with trees on the left and bushes on the right. At the end of the path, where it meets Grand Road, Keelman’s Lodge will come into view. There is a microbrewery on-site called Big Lamp Brewery which you will also see the sign for.



Day 2 - Heddon-on-the-Wall Read More +

Heddon-on-the-Wall is a peaceful village which has the first long stretch of the Hadrians Wall roughly 9 miles West ofNewcastle upon Tyne. The village name, Heddon comes from the old English ‘hæth-dūn’ means ‘hill where theheather grew’. Heddon on the Wall over the years has been known for salmon fishing in the River Tyne, coal mining,brick making and brewing beers. The beautifully built St Andrew’s Church that sits in the middle of Heddon on thewall was constructed from stones from Hadrian’s wall and dates back to 630AD.

Day 3 - Monday 1st July - Heddon-on-the-Wall to Chollerford

Gently rolling farmland, beautiful views of open countryside and quaint hamlets are revealed as you follow the old Roman road westwards. Keep your eyes open for rounded earthworks which are the remains of additional fortifications as well as the point where the wall design changed from 3m wide to just under 2m at Planetrees. From there, it is just a short hop to the village of Chollerford where you’ll overnight, home to the famous fort of Chesters, once a significant and bustling border town 2,000 years ago.

Overnight: Chollerford | The George Hotel
Room Type: 1x double en-suite, 1x double en-suite (single occupancy)
Meals Included: Breakfast
Walk Details: 26 km / 16 miles | 238 m / 781 ft elevation gain

Day 3 - Directions Read More +

The George Hotel is on the Path. As you cross Chollerford bridge the hotel on the right hand side.

Day 3 - Chollerford Read More +

The village of Chollerford is home to the famous fort of Chesters, once a significant and bustling border town 2,000years ago. The rich history of Chollerford saw the Romans lie their wall along the easily-defensible natural ridgelines that provided excellent views over the wilder countryside. The surrounding area boasts wonderfully-preservedsections of the wall, including turrets, milecastles and temples. Chollerford is also known for Chesters Roman Fortan ancient cavalry fort built to guard the Roman Bridge over the North Tyne River. Preserved remains can still beseen today including the remains of a large bathhouse.

Day 4 - Tuesday 2nd July - Chollerford to Once Brewed

Where possible, the Romans laid their wall along the easily-defensible natural ridgelines that provided excellent views over the wilder countryside that you now pass through. This section of your hike boasts wonderfully-preserved sections of the wall, including turrets, milecastles and temples. Rigorously patrolled, these Roman garrisons once guarded this fiercely contested region against the raiding northerners. Exploring the fortifications along the trail allows you to imagine life for those who lived on the wall in the heyday of the Roman Empire. Towards the end of your hike today you’ll arrive at the iconic Sycamore Gap. Arriving in the uniquely-named village of Once Brewed, you can enjoy a local beer in the Twice Brewed Tap House.

Overnight: Once Brewed | Twice Brewed Inn
Room Type: 1x double en-suite, 1x double en-suite (single occupancy)
Meals Included: Breakfast
Walk Details: 21 km / 13 miles | 413 m / 1,355 ft elevation gain

Day 4 - Directions Read More +

After passing Sycamore gap the path will join up with a small road after about 1 mile. Turn left onto the road and follow it until it joins with B6318 just opposite The Sill. Turn right and the Twice Brewed Inn is a very short distance up the road.

Day 4 - Once Brewed Read More +

The village of Once Brewed is located amongst some of the most spectacular scenery in England and stands overlooking the viewpoint of Steel Rigg. This is known as one of the most dramatic parts of Hadrian’s Wall. Situated midway between Newcastle and Carlisle, the Inn is perfectly stationed for exploring all the nearby attractions; from The Roman Army Museum, Roman sites of Vindolanda, Housesteads, and the Milecastle to the World HeritageRoman wall footpath to the iconic Sycamore Gap.

Day 5 - Wednesday 3rd July - Once Brewed to Walton

Before continuing along the wall today, it is well worth taking a short detour to visit the Roman fort of Vindolanda. Occupied for hundreds of years, the ongoing archaeological site of Vindolanda has revealed many fascinating artefacts, including altars, graves and an assortment of everyday objects. Unique written pages about daily life in those ancient times can be seen in Vindolanda’s Roman Army Museum. Today sees the highest point of the walk where your climb will be rewarded with a magnificent panorama of the beautiful countryside below as well as the snaking spine of Hadrian’s Wall stretching out into the distance. The route meanders slowly into a  gentler landscape towards Walton, regularly punctuated with watchtowers and milecastles.

Overnight: Irthington (near Walton) | The Sally
Room Type: 1x double en-suite, 1x double en-suite (single occupancy)
Walk Details: 29 km / 18 miles | 300 m / 984 ft elevation gain

Day 5 - Directions Read More +

From Hadrian’s Wall, make your way to Walton Tea Room (Walton, Brampton CA8 2DJ). We have organised a taxi transfer to pick you up from here and take you to your accommodation, The Sally, Irthington. The taxi service is Brampton Cars and we have scheduled this pick-up for 5:00 pm.

Please get in touch with Brampton Cars when you know you are around 30 minutes away from the tea room. The transfer will take around 20 minutes. In the morning, Brampton Cars will pick you up from your hotel (The Sally) at 9:00 am and drop you back off at Walton Tea Room for you to continue your journey along the Wall Path.

Brampton Cars:
Cambeck Cl, Brampton, CA8 1PQ

Day 5 - Walton Read More +

The small unspoiled village of Walton just north of Barnton is surrounded by pristine countryside. The Village has avillage hall which used to be used as a school but is now used as a local post office. St Mary Church is also one ofthe historic buildings in Walton and was built in 1869. Walton also has a famous Brewery which is called the OldVicarage bar which is a combination is a microbrewery and a local pub, a place to enjoy a fresh cool beer.

Day 6 - Thursday 4th July - Walton to Carlisle

Enjoy easier hiking today with the landscape gradually softening to lush farmlands dotted with pretty little villages and hamlets, each with something unique to discover. There is little evidence of the wall here other than grassy mounds and ditches however it is a lovely walk with sweeping views over the gentle fields of Cumbria and out to the northern fells of the Lake District. The city of Carlisle was originally established as a Roman settlement and is guarded by Carlisle Castle, a fortress which has endured more sieges than any other place in the British Isles. Arriving this evening there is a great selection of restaurants or pubs to enjoy here before settling into your accommodation, ahead of the final leg of your journey.

Overnight: Carlisle | Rosalind House
Room Type: 1x double en-suite, 1x double en-suite (single occupancy)
Meals Included: Breakfast
Walk Details: 19 km / 11 miles | 392 m / 1,286 ft elevation gain

Day 6 - Directions Read More +

Walking alongside The River Eden, you will come to Bridgewater Road and Hardwicke Circus roundabout. Turn left onto Bridgewater Road and walk straight through onto Georgian Way until you reach Warwick Road. Turn left onto Warwick Road and Rosalind House is just a few doors down on your left.

Day 6 - Carlisle Read More +

This Cumbrian county town unsurprisingly started life as a Roman settlement. But it goes beyond its Roman origins. Much like during the Roman era, Carlisle’s location along the border with Scotland gave it military significance during the Middle Ages. It is home to a mighty fortress – the epic Carlisle Castle, built in 1092, is still impressing visitors today.

Day 7 - Friday 5th July - Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway

Your final day is a wonderful hike through an Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty. You’ll follow the River Eden to the Solway Firth which opens to the coast with views to the Scottish mountains in the north. An amazing variety of birds call this nature reserve home including pink-footed geese, waders and curlew as well as many other species. Arriving in Bowness-on-Solway you can celebrate the end of your hike. Enjoy a final night in a warm and welcoming accommodation looking back across the miles and through history, completing your journey along Hadrian’s Wall.

Overnight: Bowness-on-Solway | Shore Gate Houses B&B
Room Type: 1x double en-suite, 1x double en-suite (single occupancy)
Meals Included: Breakfast
Walk Details: 24 km / 15 miles | 31 m / 102 ft elevation gain

Day 7 - Directions Read More +

From the official end of the Way come back onto Cycle Route 72 and take a left. Shoregate House is at the bottom of the hill on your lefthand side.

Day 7 - Bowness-on-Solway Read More +

The coastal village of Bowness-on-Solway is known for its amazing variety of birds which call this nature reserve home including pink-footed geese, waders and curlew as well as many other species. This picturesque village at the start of Hadrian’s Wall is a great mix of classic traditional Cumbrian cottages, houses and local farms dotted around the shoreline of the Solway Firth.

Day 8 - Saturday 6th July - Depart

Enjoy a relaxed breakfast this morning perhaps followed by a walk along the beach or a visit to St Michael’s Church before departing for your onward travel.

Trip Details

Inclusions Read More
  • 7 nights accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis in guest houses, B&Bs, small hotels and inns along the route.
  • Luggage transfer for one bag per person for the duration of the trip, meaning you will only have to carry a day rucksack while you hike.
  • A comprehensive information pack containing your maps, guidebook and helpful information for your hike.
  • The services of the Wilderness England team prior to and during your trip.
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Whilst on the Hadrian’s Wall Path your luggage will be transferred each day between accommodation providers by Hadrian’s Haul. Please label your luggage with your name on the first day so Hadrian’s Haul knows whose bag to pick up. They will then issue a proper label with the itinerary printed on it so it goes to the right place each day. Your bags should be available for pick up from your accommodation lobby or hallway by 9:00 am every morning.

There is no need to contact Hadrian’s Bags as everything has been arranged for you. However, if you do need to contact them, they can be reached at +44 (0) 7976 356459, [email protected],

Please note that strictly one bag per person is included in the trip price and bags should weigh no more than 20 kg per bag. No items such as boots or smaller bags are to be tied to the exterior of your luggage. Everything you intend to bring with you must fit into one piece of luggage or extra charges will apply.

Please also note that, as per Hadrian’s Haul’s Terms & Conditions, no valuable or breakable items are to be left in transportable bags. In particular – laptops, iPads, tablets or glass bottles. Also, no camping gas in transported bags, please. Baggage is only insured whilst in transit on the Hadrian’s Bags vehicles and, therefore, it is recommended that you have adequate travel insurance in place.



Breakfast is included at all stages of your trip.

These are not included but can be ordered from most establishments, provided that you order upon arrival. Alternatively, on most days there are cafes, shops or restaurants where you can buy lunch en route. Your accommodation host will be able to advise you on this.

These are not included but are available locally at all stages. It is essential, that, during the current climate, evening meals are booked as far in advance as possible. This is due to social distancing and a reduced number of places.

Please advise the accommodation owners on arrival if you are vegetarian, vegan or have any other special dietary requirements.

Since your accommodation has been booked on your behalf by Wilderness England, it may be necessary to quote our name as a reference on arrival at your accommodation.

Accommodation providers ask walkers to telephone them to advise if they intend to arrive any later than 1800 hrs. Walkers who do not arrive at their intended overnight stop will cause grave concern in respect of safety, so cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Contact phone numbers for all of your accommodations are provided in this pack.

If you decide that you cannot continue your walk, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can contact the establishments concerned.

The majority of establishments will accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted but not Diners or American Express). Otherwise, most establishments will accept either a UK cheque with a guarantee card, traveller cheques in pounds sterling and, of course, cash.

Our aim is for you to have the best experience possible whilst in Egland. We are aware that unforeseen circumstances can be quite challenging so our advice to all of our guests is to take out relevant insurance to help make things less of a challenge if the unforeseen happens. If travelling from a European country outside the UK your insurance policy should include medical cover, curtailment, sickness & injury cancellation before the trip and personal accident cover. We also strongly recommend you have cover for other travel and personal effects. If travelling from within the UK, we recommend you are insured for personal sickness & injury cancellation prior to the trip and any travel insurance you feel is appropriate to your needs. If travelling from further afield, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc it is best to research insurance locally to cover all your travel and medical needs.

All routes are undertaken entirely at your own risk. Ensure you are properly equipped with sufficient food, suitable footwear and wind and waterproof outdoor clothing. Take the relevant Map with you familiarise yourself with the use of a compass and bring this with you at all times. Please leave brief details of your intended route and anticipated return time with your accommodation hosts. Please confirm with them that you have returned safely at the end of your day. All route timings are calculated on the time we would expect a reasonably fit person to complete the route with minimal stops. Please allow longer if you intend to relax and enjoy the views to the full, or if you feel your fitness levels are lower. These route notes are intended as helpful guidance only. You should be experienced in reading maps and using a compass before undertaking any walks in upland areas or remote coastal locations. You must use your judgment to decide whether the suggested daily route is within your capabilities, giving careful consideration to the wind and weather conditions on the day. You are solely responsible for your safety and well‐being in wilderness areas and you must undertake all walks at your own risk. While we will do everything we possibly can to assist you in the unfortunate event of any accident or mishap, Wilderness England will accept no responsibility for any accident or injury sustained during your self‐guided walking holiday.

A few sections of the Way will take you through farmland and occasionally near farm animals. Farm animals are normally docile creatures and usually only show interest in you if there is food on offer. Please don’t feed the animals. All animals are protective of their young so do not put yourself between a cow and its calf for example. General rules for safe walking and avoiding distressing farm animals:

• Do not come between animals and their young
• Pass quickly, quietly, carefully and well away from animals
• Stay well away from any farm animal grouping or herd
• Watch the animals as you pass and be alert to any danger
• If you have a dog keep your dog on a leash
• Be prepared for cows to react to your presence especially if you have a dog
• If cows become agitated then calmly get yourself out of danger. If you have a dog let it go and call it to you when you are safe.

Every situation is different so please remember that you are on someone else’s land and if there are farm animals around it is a working environment. Please refer to the English Countryside Code for more information:

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Wilderness England Office | 9:00am – 5:30pm

UK: +44 (0)1768 721 210
US: 833 574 0690

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+44 (0)7482 170 401

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