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Lizzie Zawinski

Lizzie Zawinski

Senior Custom Trip Designer

Full-Of-Wonder | Enthusiastic | Optimistic

Mini Bio

I was born just south of Edinburgh but always said that I wanted to live in the mountains and spent endless time exploring Munros and remote corners of Scotland on foot. After getting accidentally stuck in the city for years after university I realised that I was getting ‘old’ and had better get a move on if I really did want to escape. The very next day a temporary contract came up in Aviemore and I started packing.

I was instantly at home and still feel so lucky to live here. People keep telling me that I will get over it but years later I still stop almost every day to enjoy the views and take endless photos. This is also the perfect outdoor playground for training for my favourite obstacle races. Always motivated by fun, I seem to constantly be getting myself into hilarious situations by signing up to things that sound like they would provide a lot of laughter and an ‘experience’. Generally, I get a lot more than I bargained for, but I always have an amazing time!

My role as Trip Designer within the Wilderness Group allows me to create amazing adventure itineraries across some of my favourite regions of Scotland.

Place to play

I love where I live. My absolute favourite run is around the top of the Northern Corries. The Cairngorms National Park has totally claimed my heart, but I have to confess that I fall a little in love with every summit or ridge that I am on. Nothing beats that feeling of space!

Not many people know this

I have the ability to sweet-talk pretty much anybody up and over a huge A-Frame, even if they are absolutely terrified of heights. I just love seeing people light up when they conquer something, so I have almost as much fun marshalling races as I do running them :)


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