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Lucy Cascarina

Custom Trip Designer

Conscientious | Foodie | Observant

Mini Bio

Cornish-born & bred, I’ve grown to love my home county and its quirks. After ten years in hospitality, it’s an absolute dream to be in an industry that I’m so passionate about now.

I love to spend my free time exploring different places near or far, hunting down the best restaurants and cafes, and generally getting the most out of the local experiences, no matter where I am.

Favourite Place to Play

You can’t beat heading out for a walk along the Cornish coastline. My favourite is Chapel Porth to Porthtowan, and then sitting on the beach with some fish and chips. Or, better still, catching the sunset watching the surfers on the horizon at Watergate Bay.

Not a Lot of People Know This

I swam the English Channel in a four-person girls’ relay in Sixth Form for Children’s Hospice South West. We completed the swim in 15.5 hours and won some awards at the Channel Swimming Association dinner!

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