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Explore this ancient land of myths and dragons, from the mountains of Snowdonia to the coasts of Pembrokeshire.

From Fairytale Castles to Dragons

When it comes to the ultimate UK and Ireland escape, Wales is a perfect match for its Irish and English neighbours.

Trace the footsteps of legendary kings, druids, and Norman conquerors across mystical landscapes, exploring the dramatic southwest coast and the rugged, misty mountains of the north.

In the south along Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, follow the undulating coastal path over limestone cliffs, into fishing villages, and past some of the most beautiful beaches in the British Isles. Travel north to the uplands of Snowdonia National Park to hike the romantic mountain landscapes where many tales of King Arthur unfolded.

With more castles per square mile than any other country in Europe, explore the fortress-rich landscapes of Wales to encounter Iron Age hill forts and prehistoric dolmens, as well as any one of the 600+ imposing medieval castles in this charming ancient land.

Get acquainted with Welsh culture present and past, from the hip, modern streets of revitalised Cardiff to the timeless villages of the isolated Llŷn Peninsula, where English is a second language and age-old traditions are held fast.

Regions of Wales

Wales happens to have the highest density of castles and forts in all of Europe, Snowdonia is home to the highest UK peaks outside of Scotland, and the coast hosts a stunning national park. Offering both cultural and natural beauty, explore the regions of Wales below.

The most prominent place to visit in northern Wales is of course Snowdonia National Park. Founded in 1951 as the first national park in Wales, Snowdonia is home to the highest mountains in the UK outside of Scotland. With 60km of coastline and over 2,000 square kilometres of craggy mountains and crystal clear lakes, there is much to explore in this beautiful area of northwest Wales. This remote corner of the UK is home to wild land, craggy mountains and hidden spots to discover. From tales of dragons to impressive castles and storybook villages, there are a number of cultural highlights attached to Snowdonia and northern Wales.

Snowdonia is a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Whether on foot or by bike, there are options for every level, ability and interest. From hill walks and remote solitude to pretty villages, museums, local craft shops and cafes, this part of Wales has something for everyone.

There are of course many castles in this part of Wales. If you’re itching to explore Wales’ long past, you might like to visit one of them, from the imposing towers and town wall of Conwy Castle to the mighty turrets and keep of Caernafon Castle.

Southern Wales is home to two more national parks, Brecon Beacons National Park and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Also in the south is Cardiff, the lively capital city of Wales.

Breacon Beacons is home to another stunning range of mountains and hills. A quiet respite from nearby Cardiff, Brecon Beacons is full of expansive landscapes offering both challenging upland hikes as well as gentler lowland walks. Here visitors can uncover hidden waterfalls, beautiful glacial valleys, lush old growth woodland and stunning panoramic views. As well as being an easy distance from Cardiff, the National Park is is just two hours by rail from London.

To the southwest is the third Welsh national park, Pembrokeshire Coast with its many exceptional beaches – the only UK national park established due to its coastline. As with the rest of the country, the southern half of Wales is home to a number of impressive castles, including Caerphilly Castle, the second-biggest castle in Britain, and Chepstow Castle, the oldest post-Roman stone fortress in Britain, among many others.

Cardiff is the cosmopolitan centre of Wales. At its heart is Cardiff Castle, a Norman keep surrounded by an expansive and luxurious Victorian manor. Cardiff is an old city with a long history. Wander the cobbled streets, visit the eccentric shops or stop in for a pint at one of the many pubs to get at the heart of the city. Or for a bit of culture, watch a performance at the Millennium Centre, one of Europe’s most unique performing arts complexes, or visit one of the museums to learn more about this important city.

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