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Peter Best

Partner Programme Coordinator

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Mini Bio

Originally from Northern Ireland, I moved to Scotland in 1999 to attend university; met a girl and the rest is history as they say…..

I was very lucky to have a childhood spent on the North Coast of Ireland, near the Giants Causeway, where I had the freedom of the beautiful beaches and time spent swimming and surfing with family and friends. I’ve always been very active and played a lot of sports growing up. Hockey was my sport of choice, but it was the Scouts that really forged my love of the hills and the great outdoors. Northern Ireland doesn’t have a lot of hills, so after having spent many many days and nights under canvas in the same hills with both the Scouts and Duke of Edinburgh, the appeal of Scotland and, in particular, the endless hills of the Cairngorms was a huge draw for me.

My love of the outdoors has continued to grow since I moved to the Cairngorms and I still have to pinch myself that I now call this my home.

I’ll never get bored of exploring new hills, and my two young boys will never get bored of trying to better me in all our outdoor activities!

Place to Play

I love the Cairngorms. My very favourite pastime is running the endless trails of this beautiful national park, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the coast, and in particular, the west coast of Ireland.

Not a lot of people know this

When I left school, I really wanted to go to Art College in Ireland, but unfortunately, I wasn’t successful. So instead, I moved to Scotland to study Estate Management and spent the next 20 years working in Real Estate. I’ve always been creative, so I’m really lucky that I can now combine this with my love of the outdoors to help create some amazing adventure holidays in the Highlands and Island of Scotland.

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