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Hazel Moran

Custom Trip Designer

Adventurous | Meticulous | Caring

Mini Bio

I grew up in Lochcarron, a small village in the gorgeous NW Highlands of Scotland, born into a family of mountaineers and geographers, it was hard not to develop a deep appreciation for adventure and the outdoors!
In my twenties, I moved from the Highlands to Edinburgh to work in the city, then opportunity to travel came my way and I ventured to the sunnier climes. I was lucky enough to explore the US, Canada and some of South America. 5 years later, I have settled back in Scotland in the beautiful Cairngorm National Park, in my experience, Scotland and it’s beauty calls you back every time!
In my free time, I serve as a trustee for a charitable foundation that supports young people who are facing barriers to discover the power of mountain adventure, climbing and community in wild places.
I find adventure travel and the stories, values, and meaning it creates for people inspirational and thats what makes this job really special!

Place to Play

Scotland and the Alps (Scotland has the edge I think…) I was fortunate enough to have spent most of my childhood running around carefree through the heathery hills of the NW highlands and exploring the high alps every summer and I think these experiences just become part of your DNA. There are still many places in Scotland that I am yet to discover, from coastlines and castles to hidden valleys and mountain tops. For such a small country, it packs a punch!

Not a lot of people know this

I climbed Mont Blanc with my dad when I was 22, which sounds quite impressive but it took 16 hours and we almost missed the last cable car to the valley…

Everybody knows this

I really like cleaning. It relaxes me.

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