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Ballyfin Demesne

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*Style: Luxury Hotel
*Price Point: £££££
*Location: Hidden Heartlands | Ireland

*Capacity: 40
*Rooms: 20
*Bathrooms: Ensuite

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Built in the 1820s, Ballyfin is a neo-classical manor house that sits on a beautiful 614 acre estate at the foot of the Slieve Bloom hills in the centre of the island. Seeming like something out of a Jane Austen novel, Ballyfin is a place of history and romance, as well as of tranquility and great natural beauty.

The house served as the ancestral home of the Coote family for over a century, and then as a much loved school before falling into disrepair. After eight years of restoration projects, Ballyfin Demesne opened in 2011 as one of Ireland’s most luxurious and stunning 5 star hotels. Every room exudes grandeur and a tasteful elegance that successfully blends old-world charm with modern comforts. It’s exquisitely decorated with a rich collection of Irish art, an impressive library, elegant drawing rooms, a luxurious spa, a sun-lit conservatory, roaring fires in every room, and even a secret passage or two!

Accommodation Highlights

  • A perfect place for a break from the modern world, providing discretion and privacy like few other destinations.
  • Central location, making it an ideal point between the east and west coasts.
  • Stunning interiors and exteriors that combine old-world charm with modern luxuries.

Unique Experiences


Experience the beauty and elegance of these majestic birds of prey. Spend time with the estate falconer who will introduce you to each bird. You’ll have the chance to watch hawks, eagles and owls fly while learning about their training and the history of falconry in Ireland.

Horse Riding

With 614 acres to explore, horse riding around the demesne is a wonderful experience. Experienced instructors will guide you around the estate, trekking by the tower and the lake, through woodland and enjoying the scenic views deep within the grounds. The activity can be catered to suit the group’s ability level. Alternatively enjoy a relaxing pony & carriage ride through the estate.

Ballyfin Picnic Experience

Continuing with the theme of a real-life Jane Austen novel, enjoy a magical gourmet picnic on the demesne. Whether guests prefer the grotto, the temple, by the water cascade, at top of the tower or by the lake, this will be a meal to remember.

Treatment Rooms

Ballyfin is home to a top-quality spa. There are a number of treatments available at the spa – providing an ideal place to unwind, restore and to invigorate the body and mind. Ballyfin’s highly trained therapists will ensure each guest will leave feeling revitalised and refreshed.

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When reaching out to inquire about our custom adventures, please keep in mind that your request encompasses the entirety of the experience, not solely a particular accommodation. Our offerings extend beyond these featured properties, ensuring a tailored journey crafted with purpose.

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