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Belle Isle Castle

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*Style: Private Castle
*Price Point: ££££
*Location: Lough Erne | Ireland

*Capacity: 22
*Rooms: 10
*Bathrooms: Ensuite

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Welcome to Belle Isle – the name says it all. This idyllic island is home to a storybook castle complete with vaulted ceilings, gothic facades, a banquet hall, great courtyards, open fireplaces, and turreted watchtowers. Built on an estate stretching for some 470 acres, Belle Isle started life in the early 17th century as a countryside house and expanded in the 18th century into a fully fledged castle. It has been inhabited and renovated by generations of nobles until 1991, when Belle Isle opened its doors as an exclusive retreat.

Sitting on the shores of Lough Erne, this exclusive use castle is in a prime location and perfect for small to medium-sized groups. You’ll find it far from the tourism crowds of Dublin and Belfast, and tucked into some of Ireland’s prettiest landscapes. Lakes, islands, woodland, historical sites and ancient archeology abound in this wonderful corner of the island. Foodie enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Belle Isle is also home to a renowned state-of-the-art cookery school – the first of its kind in Northern Ireland.

Accommodation Highlights

  • Relax on a private island in an exclusive-use fairytale castle.
  • Enjoy an exquisite and delicious culinary experience with locally-sourced ingredients at the Belle Isle Bistro.
  • Explore the incredibly picturesque estate spread out over eight islands.

Unique Experiences

Boat Tour of Lough Erne & Islands

What better way to explore your lakeland surroundings than by boat. From your private island’s jetty, head out to explore the estate, spread over eight tiny islets. Further afield, the 6th century monastic site of Devenish Island and the fascinating monastic sculptures of White Island are both within easy reach by water.

Archery & Clay Pigeon Shooting

Learn a new skill or sharpen your aim while having fun with your friends and family by participating in either an archery or clay pigeon shooting experience.

Kayaking on Lough Erne

A more hands-on active and adventurous approach to exploring Lough Erne is by kayak. Hitting the water at the castle’s private jetty, spend the day exploring the quiet waters of this series of interconnected lakes. Or start your stay in style arriving on the castle’s island by kayak.

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