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Clare Island Lighthouse

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*Style: Historic Island Lighthouse
*Price Point: £££
*Location: Clew Bay | Ireland

*Capacity: 10
*Rooms: 5
*Bathrooms: Ensuite

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Rugged and remote, Clare Island is a weather-worn but beautiful island that sits off the coast of County Mayo. This small island is home to the Clare Island Lighthouse, a nautical landmark perched high on the craggy cliff overlooking the swirling sea. Atmospheric and romantic, Clare Island is the kind of place you’ll fall in love with from the minute you step foot on its shores.

Built in 1806 by the Marquis of Sligo, the lighthouse served as a beacon on the Atlantic Coast, standing guard at the edge of Clew Bay until 1965 when it was decommissioned. The lighthouse has recently been transformed into a unique and unforgettable island accommodation – the perfect place to escape the busy world to relax in this sleek yet cosy accommodation that retains all its fun and charming original features.

Accommodation Highlights

  • Relax in this unique and beautifully-renovated lighthouse that stood guard as a lighthouse on Clew Bay for over 150 years.
  • This exclusive use property with its small and intimate setting makes it a perfect escape for a small group.
  • Clare Island on the wild Atlantic coast is a perfect island retreat for those looking to slow down and enjoy the great outdoors.

Unique Experiences

Scenic Guided Coastal & Island Hiking

Join one of our expert guides around Clare Island’s pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs and great sand dunes. There are plenty of seabirds to spot on the island – sometimes even the chance to see puffins in spring or whales and dolphins off the shore at certain times of the year.

Clew Bay Boat Trip

What island trip is complete without boats and island hopping? We can arrange a boat tour to explore the Clew Bay. Why not picnic on one of the 365 islands, most of which are uninhabited? Or stop to explore empty beaches, abandoned villages, as well as seal and seabird colonies along the way.

Coastal Foraging Expedition

Recognised as superfood, Irish coasts are rich in a plethora of seaweed and other sea plants. Join a foraging expert who will guide you around the shores of the island or the mainland coastlines, regaling guests with stories, pointing out local wildlife and, of course, foraging (and tasting!) seaweed.

Kayaking & Paddling

There are plenty of sea kayaking opportunities around Clare Island and the Galway coastline. During the 16th century, Clew Bay was ruled by Grace O’Malley, Ireland’s infamous Pirate Queen, a formidable and enterprising woman who controlled much of the central coastline for some three decades. Paddle though the waters of Clew Bay and beyond on the trail of the Pirate Queen, discovering castles built and ruled by Grace O’Malley, and even take time to visit her tomb located on the Cistercian abbey back on Clare Island.

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